5,000 Steps in 10 Minutes

The motion of the wobbler resembles the motion of the human body – with a 3-dimensional approach.

Relaxation & regeneration have never been easier

In modern times a majority of people suffer from a lack of meaningful exercise and experience muscular atrophy as a result. this human condition is exacerbated by an absence of physical activity or exercise when most days are spent in either sedentary or inactive posture. At best we compensate the physical inactivity with intermittent sports.

The increased life expectancy in modern developed society has seen an increase of illnesses as well as functional limitations, which will have an impact on our quality of living.

In order to increase performance in sports and exercise, or to sustain physical well-being the efficiency of regeneration will become as important as the optimization of training.

Health implications of inactivity while aging

  • Joint / Articular Trouble: knee, hip, shoulder, back-problems
  • Circulatory Disorders: venous diseases i.e. spider veins and varicose veins, Pad (peripheral arterial disease)
  • Connective Tissue Weakness: cellulite, lymphedema
  • Metabolic Disorders: high blood pressure, diabetes
  • Stress-Induced Illnesses: burnout, stroke

After sedentary or standing activity, the wobbler will:

  • Increase the oxygen-supply to your body
  • Bring your fatigued legs back to full vim and vigor
  • Enhance your blood flow, blood stasis and swellings will ease
  • Periarticular muscles will be activated
  • Joints will be mobilized, stabilized and optimally “lubricated”
  • Stress hormones will be reduced
The wobbler is a completely new training device. The wobbler moves your joints and muscles in an anatomically correct and joint-gentle way. The motion of the wobbler resembles the motion of the human body – with a 3-dimensional approach. With the wobbler you take 10,000 steps in just 10 minutes. With just a few basic exercises you will mobilize and train, respectively unwind and relax your upper and lower body.