VIC – Veins International Congress Vienna

May 15, 2020 – May 16, 2020

Vienna, Austria

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VIC – Veins International Congress Vienna
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This legendary venous conference premiered in 1985 and has since evolved to host people from 47 different countries on its last occasion. It was initiated by Prof. Varady, one of the founders of mini- mally invasive venous surgery.

Prof. Flor is going to take this event to Austria for the first time ever, hosting it in the futuristic Novotel right next to Vienna‘s main train station, in the middle of the new Quar- tier Belvedere.

The first day will feature Viennese as well as European spea- kers, giving their talks on minimally invasive venous surgery 2020, state of the art. For this we are pleased to invite all of our Viennese colleagu- es, making it the perfect opportunity for local businesses to present their products. The second day will be focused on international guests, fea- turing speakers from all over the world.

This conference will not just be an exciting, innovative event in one of the capitals new hotspots, it is also the perfect op- portunity to experience the metropolis that is Vienna in the season it shines the most.

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