BPLab Vasotens

Multifunctional complex for 24-hour monitoring and office measurements of BP parameters and blood vessels condition.

No special mode for central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness analysis. It's a standard arterial pressure monitoring mode for freely ambulant patients within 24-48 hours.

BPLab® Vasotens® is a unique diagnostic system which combines estimation of central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness parameters with traditional blood pressure monitoring.
A synergetic effect in diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular diseases is reached due to combined use of three methods in BPLab Vasotens.

BPLab Vasotens BPLab Vasotens

BPLab Vasotens is a perfect instrument which combines simultaneous monitoring of:

Central aortic pressure parameters

  • Systolic BP in aorta (SYSao)
  • Diastolic BP in aorta (DIAao)
  • Mean BP in aorta (MBPao)
  • Pulse Pressure in aorta (PPao)
  • Ejection Duration (ED)
  • Pulse Pressure Amplification (PPA)
  • Subendocardial Viability Ratio (SEVR)

Arterial stiffness parameters

  • Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)
  • Pulse Wave Velocity in aorta (PWVao)
  • Augmentation Index (AIx)
  • Reflected Wave Transit Time (RWTT)
  • Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI)
  • Maximum Rate of Arterial Pressure Rise (dP/dt)

Basic blood pressure parameters

  • Systolic BP (SYS)
  • Diastolic BP (DIA)
  • Mean Blood Pressure (MBP)
  • Pulse Pressure (PP)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Double Product Index (DP)

Parameters of central aortic pressure and arterial stiffness (including pulse wave velocity, central and peripheric augmentation index) have gone through validation with such «golden standard» devices as SphygmoCor and Fukuda.

More information: www.bplab.com