Phlebo OPO


Our newly developed sensors enable the examiner to measure arterial pulsations in addition to the venous function. The OPO module allows performing optical pulse oscillography to determine blood flow in fingers and toes as well as to conduct arterial pressure measurements.

Toe Pressure Measurement (OAD)

Through recording the arterial pulsations at the toe tips, the AngE is able to calculate the TBI (Toe-Brachial-Index).

Shoulder Girdle Maneuver

By applying different postural positions, the TOS diagnosis allows determining motion- dependent blood flow restrictions within the arms reliably.

Morbus Raynaud

The simple and fast measurement before and after suitable provocation maneuvers facilitates the differentiation between vasospastic effects and manifest blood flow disorder.

AngE Solutions Brochure

The All-in-One Vascular Diagnostics System.


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