Specially designed for venous applications

Whether venous valve- and muscular pump tests with or without Tourniquet, pneumatic venous occlusion plethysmography (Air VVP) or invasive phlebodynamometry with compartment pressure measurements, this comprehensive measuring station meets all needs for phlebologists.

Venous Air Plethysmography - Air VVP

The Air VVP allows conducting plethysmographic measurements by using cuffs only. The often used mercury-filled strain gauges become unnecessary. Make use of dedicated measurement programs for Reactive Hyperemia Tests as well as for the Venous Air Plethysmography.

Fast arterial screening for differential diagnostics

Quickly and easily create 4-channel oscillography measurements for the arterial evaluation of the patient – before and after stress. If necessary, the sensitive measurement cuffs allow measuring even on bandages.

200 Seconds Open Measuring Program

The AngE offers a special measuring program for phlebologists, in which the system starts a continuous D-PPG measurement with the aid of optical sensors for a duration of up to 200 seconds. This enables the examiner to apply diverse examination methods as well as challenges. By recording continuously, the different measurements can be compared and evaluated easily.

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VOP - Venous Occlusion Plethysmography PDM - Invasive Phlebodynamometry oABI - Oscillometric ABI (Ankle- Brachial-Index)
Air Phlethysmography D-PPG/LRR Screening with Tourniquet Venous Valve Tests
OPO - Optical Pulse Oscillography Muscular Pump Test Reactive Hyperemia Test

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The All-in-One Vascular Diagnostics System.


I consider SOT to be the European market leader for D-PPG measurements. The AngE Phlebo is a miniaturized device with high-quality, sophisticated evaluation software.

Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Strejček
President of the Czech Society of Phlebology

The high sensitivity of the optical sensors allow for a good documentation of the pulse waves, even with marginal blood flow. Given the virtually unfiltered display of pulse curves, dicrotic waves can be clearly identified for healthy and elastic arteries.

Dr. Alfred Obermayer
Head of Institute of Functional Phlebologic Surgery, Karl Landsteiner Society

The AngE Phlebo is the state-of-art, haemodynamically significant D-PPG system for venous diagnostics. This non invasive functional investigation has always helped me accurately examine venous disorders, even with complex cases.

Dr. Alfred Obermayer
Head of Institute of Functional Phlebologic Surgery, Karl Landsteiner Society

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