Optimal diagnostics for vascular surgery

By using the comprehensive possibilities of the AngE-System, one can conduct a segmental oscillography on up to 8 measuring spots. With the help of stress tests, the system provides the basis for a better assessment of the collateral bloodstream.

Multi-Channel Stress Tests

Through the simultaneous or segmental measurement on up to 8 cuffs, a multi-channel stress test can be performed in a minimum of time. This allows a better determination of the extent of the collateral bloodstream.

Ultrasonic Doppler

The AngE combines ultrasonic probes with pneumatic cuffs to allow Doppler pressure measurements with up to 16 tracks. The Doppler indices can be displayed at a glance on a dedicated overview report.

More Highlights

Stress Tests with up to 8 Measuring Channels 8-Channel Pulse Oscillography Doppler-ABI Measurement
OPO - Optical Pulse Oscillography Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Diagnosis OAD - Optical Arterial Pressure Measurement

AngE Solutions Brochure

The All-in-One Vascular Diagnostics System.


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