New Announcement: AngE™ Basic ABI – Simultaneous ABI with PPG in under 2 Minutes

January 17, 2024

Announcing the AngE™ Basic ABI

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our newest advancement for simple, fast and user-independent vascular screening. AngE™ Basic ABI can assess multiple arterial and venous parameters within one mobile system. The Swiss Army Knife of vascular testing:
  • ABI, TBI, Toe Pressure and PWV

    Multiple arterial and venous parameters within one mobile system.
  • Simultaneous Left and Right

    Compare PPG Pressures on both sides at the same time in under 2 Minutes.
  • Mobile USB-Powered Device

    Simply plug in to the USB port of a computer, open the easy-to-use software and start the test.
  • Upgradable for Venous Tests

    The system can be updated to perform Venous Function/Reflux Tests for Varicose Vein assessment.

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About SOT

SOT Medical Systems is engaged in medical business since 30 years in Austria as well as internationally. In 1991 the company started operating in the fields of angiology, phlebology, and cardiology. Since 1999, a system for the fast and reliable diagnosis of PAD patients has been self-developed: The AngE™ System. Due to its modularity, it constitutes the ideal solution for angiologists, phlebologists, vascular surgeons and for the diagnosis of diabetic patients. Today, SOT use their longtime know-how to further develop their cutting-edge AngE products.

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