The AngE Solution

The All-in-One Vascular Diagnostics System

The AngE has been developed to obtain the diagnosis of peripheral blood flow disorders quickly, reliably, cost efficiently and without stress for the patient.

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A Modular Solution for Each Application:


Up to 8 pneumatic and 2 optical measurement channels provide comprehensive opportunities: Conduct 8-channel simultaneous measurements on fingers and toes as well as on wrists, upper-legs, lower-legs and ankles. Apply Doppler pressure measurements or multi-channel stress tests and observe the nearly unfiltered results within a detailed overview report.


Whether venous valve- and muscular pump tests with or without Tourniquet, pneumatic venous occlusion plethysmography (Air VVP) or invasive phlebodynamometry with compartment pressure measurements, this comprehensive measuring station meets all needs for phlebologists.


The AngE uses the innovative TOPP method to provide a fast and secure diagnosis of the peripheral vessel status of diabetics, even with calcified vessels (media sclerosis). It allows measuring on ankle and wrists as well as on fingers and toes, including forefoot- and toe pressure measurement with TBI.


By using the comprehensive possibilities of the AngE-System, one can conduct a segmental oscillography on up to 8 measuring spots. With the help of stress tests, the system provides the basis for a better assessment of the collateral bloodstream.

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